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Prospero and Platty (P&P) are two original characters who live in a large old oak tree in the Surrey woods. Their names and genders (Prospero is male and Platty is female) are their only distinguishing features. So as characters, they are ageless and can be whatever the reader conceives them to be, animals, teenagers, aliens, parents etc.

Prospero and Platty get up to all sorts of adventures always beginning with the arrival of their morning post, which invariably includes a call for help from some part of the world to solve mysteries and crimes or find lost objects. The two resourceful protagonists are well-equipped with a wide network of friends, using a propeller plane called Nutmeg to travel longer distances.

The Puzzle Box is the first adventure about the two imaginary characters. It tells the story of the unexplained arrival of a small wooden box which does not open from the Queen of Spain to Prospero and Platty’s oak tree. The two friends then embark on a journey to find out why the box has been sent to them and what purpose it serves.

Read Chapter One (The Surprise Package) of the first P&P book for free by clicking here or selecting it from the list on the right. If you enjoy it, you can purchase the book from here.

Prospero and Platty’s second adventure, The Cuckoo Clock, will be appearing shortly so be sure to check in again soon.