This is a Joint Venture with Millport Golf Club

Cumbrae faces the same economic hardships as more remote islands, with seasonal low paid employment, high fuel charges, costs of transportation by ferry, no gas supply, and an unreliable electricity supply. The creation of renewable energy sources will enable the island to be more resilient, will reduce energy costs for islanders and will provide a sustainable income stream to develop community led enterprises which bring much needed economic benefit, jobs, and training opportunities. In the first instance we have concentrated on examining the feasibility of a wind turbine development on the island. We have carried out research to determine the amount of information held locally on key aspects of  turbine development that would help determine the viability of a community led project. We have established a working partnership with Millport Golf Club, who have already investigated the possibility of siting a turbine on their land, and we have a Letter of Comfort from them agreeing that we can use information that they have obtained, and proceed on the basis that the site already identified on Golf Club  land would be the optimum one.